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Creating names and choose its name

Maximize your name creation and your brainstorming sessions with a wide range of smart features to find your names. Confirm the relevance of your names and reduce the risk of a bad name (availability, evocations, mistranslations, etc.).

Naming adapted to everyone

Our plans for your naming are tailored to your experience and budget in name creation. Finding a name for a company, a brand or a product follows different patterns depending on your profile: start-ups, naming professionals (marketing & communication agencies, IP firms...). From an intelligent name generator to customized access, contact us and get the best support for your name quest and to avoid choosing a “bad name.”

How does this work?

A simple registration with your email and a password of your choice enough! Sign up for free, you will receive a confirmation email that will allow you to try out all the features. Then you can recharge your account by choosing the plan that best suits your needs.

SaaS delivery

For more flexibility and changes in real time without any special setup or hidden costs, combines the power and responsiveness! Much more efficient than a brandnames generator, our software for names creation and validation offers advanced and intelligent features regularly updated from award-winning R&D.

Your benefits:

  • SaaS Make-My-Name has an intuitive use for power results.
    Make-My-Name is the result of over 10 years of R & D work in linguistics and computer science in Namae Concept
  • Evolution and enhancements are constant and posted regularly, without incurring additional costs.
  • Training and coaching sessions are also possible.
Make My Name Capture

User Case

The Assistant tool launches automatically the creation functionalities: simply answer the questions with key words and pick out as many words as you want in the results.
A flash analysis will help you among the first selection phases.
Choose a package of hours that you can use over the months!
Choose the Creation module, you will have access to all creation functionalities, to the Assistant and to the Trends module
Choose the Analysis module, you can thus check proximities in foreign languages, describe your name (smooth, impacting sounds, etc.), availabilities
Choose the Full access to benefit from the full potential of our online software.



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